In this category, you may find the newest researches from the field of myocarditis related to their course, diagnostic and therapeutic methods. So called T-2 mapping is a news in the diagnosis of myocarditis in the case of magnetic resonance – more information may be found here. In the therapy of myocarditis, for example therapy with interferon beta and immunosuppressive therapy are discussed and investigated and there are researched even other methods



What do the Doctors Say is a category containing interviews and contributions of experts from different fields of medicine dealing with the issue of diagnosis, treatment and research of myocardtis. You can read for example and interview with cardiologst Professor Leslie T. Cooper., Jr., M.D. from Mayo Clinic, cardiologist Veronika Stará M.D. from Motol Hospital and Theodor Adla M.D., radiologist from Motol Hospital.